Preserving the cultural and patrimonial heritage of which the John Cockerill Group is the keeper, has always been our concern at all times. Since he took over the Group in 2002, Bernard Serin major shareholder of the John Cockerill Group has always held preserving the material and immaterial heritage of the enterprise dear to his heart. The start of the renovation of the listed Chateau and its surroundings more than 10 years ago, and its completion in 2017, is an outstanding example of this. The participation of the John Cockerill Group in the urban rehabilitation of the City of Seraing is another.

Today, the John Cockerill Foundation intends to further expand this approach by opening out to the public the patrimonial sites of the Seraing Chateau, while ensuring the management of the donations and archives allied to John Cockerill and by assisting with specific and educational projects surrounding the history of the industrial group.


THE COCKERILL CASTLE                                                                    HISTORICAL ACTS                                                                              JOURNEES DU PATRIMOINE



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