Named in homage to a little girl of Indonesian origin met during a trip, the association Indah was created in 2015. Its mission is to support local initiatives working for access to education and child protection in various countries.

"Convinced that their smiles, their hopes and their dreams are precious engines for the advent of a fairer world, we put the protection of the world's children and their education as a priority in the choice of our projects. " - Stéphanie Poumay (founder)

The association works in collaboration with privileged local partners. Indeed, the latter are best able to identify and meet the needs of the population while respecting their culture and the specific context: ethnic, social, political and economic. Indah's philosophy is to provide support in the realisation of these projects.

Indah is a non-profit, non-political, non-denominational and non-discriminatory association which puts the human being first and the child in particular at the heart of its mission.

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