The ‘Eclat de Rire’ ('Burst of Laughter') is a place for welcoming people, a place where they can meet and express themselves in the multi-cultural district of Sainte-Walburge in Liège (Belgium). Every day the association assists children and adults who are suffering from social, linguistic or financial difficulties.

The objectives of the professional and motivated team are:

  • To contribute to the social insertion and integration of people
  • To encourage emancipation and active participation in social, cultural, economic and political life
  • To weave inter-cultural links
  • To offer a place for expression, creativity, listening and meeting
  • To offer social help and support for the insertion process
  • To teach French as a foreign language
  • To support educational courses in schools
  • To develop work in networks

 The ‘Eclat de Rire’ proposes educational, support and insertion activities:

  • A Homework School and a Welcome establishment for the free time of primary school children
  • The learning of French as a foreign language and of Citizenship, a parenting workshop, and an insertion approach for adults
  • A Baby Station and a Welcome Area within the Eclat de Rire, enabling parents to have their children looked after while they are undertaking courses at the Eclat de Rire


The activities of the Eclat de Rire contribute to the social insertion and fulfilment of persons from the district and its surroundings, who regularly visit the not-for-profit association. These activities enable participation in social, cultural, economic and political life while also encouraging inter-cultural exchanges.

The John Cockerill Foundation helps l'Eclat de Rire in its development through a financial support but also through an occasional technical and human support.

According to the association, this collaboration brings real added value to their projects and is a real breath of fresh air for the association.

This two-year partnership has made it possible to finance the following projects in whole or in part:

  • raising awareness of healthy eating habits
  • purchase of materials for creative workshops
  • organisation of a three-days camp for children
  • organisation of "nature & adventure", "science"... courses