In cooperation with John Cockerill Services has decided to support a humanitarian operation in the Ivory Coast, led by the association Marg'EAU (pronounced Margaux). This association works to improve living conditions and access to water in the Ivory Coast.

The association's volunteers, Françoise Attioua and Adèle Kouassi, as well as its president, Dalila Bourriez, have already carried out several actions for a school in Abdijan, such as the construction and installation of speed bumps in front of the school to make it safer for schoolchildren to cross, and the construction and installation of safety barriers.

Today, they have launched a new action that is vital for the daily life of the school children: access to water. The installation of a water network, currently non-existent for the 650 pupils of the school (up to 130 per class), is essential. Thanks to this water, they will be able to live and study in sanitary conditions that allow them to carry out the simple, natural and elementary gestures of daily life such as washing their hands, going to the toilet, drinking, etc.

After a first project to distribute water to a birthing centre in Abidjan, this new project is the second action supported by the John Cockerill Foundation in favour of the Ivory Coast. The John Cockerill Services teams on site in Côte d'Ivoire, led by Arnaldo Junior, project manager, will ensure the successful completion of the project.