Created in 1995, the non-profit organisation En Vies d'Avenir was originally intended to help young people get back into the world of motorcycling through motorbike riding, mechanical maintenance and support for professional integration. The aim was to respond to the awareness of the despair of a certain youth in Liège.

Today, En Vies d'Avenir offers two programmes.

A training programme "orientation and integration via motorbike sports".

The aim is to enable young people aged 18 to 35, who are jobseekers, to have access to training through an innovative, attractive and unique module. The appeal of motorcycling allows these young people with no specific project to put themselves into action. The training course lasts 5 months and is composed of :
- a professional orientation: personal assessment, skills assessment, definition of the professional project, action plan, CV, cover letter, simulated job interview...
- social integration support: personalised individual interviews, administrative tidying up, citizenship courses (lease, health insurance, employment contract, etc.).
- an internship in a company - 5 weeks: discovery of one or more professional sectors, practical application of the job search.
- a boosting of the process through the practice of motorbike sports (1 day/week), the idea being to trigger a process of motivation and (re)gaining self-confidence.

An intensive French language learning programme (32 hours per week for 6 months). This "Training in French as a Foreign Language" programme is aimed primarily at people who have a degree in their country of origin but who do not speak French and therefore have little chance of finding a job in Belgium. The aim is to immerse them in the language by using a variety of teaching methods: self-training grammar, modules in the form of problem situations, workshops, visits, culture, etc. 

The John Cockerill Foundation has been supporting the non-profit organisation En vies d'avenir for several years.

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