The John Cockerill Foundation supports ECPAT Belgium by participating in the (Dé)clic project.

(De)clic of the ECPAT association trains and equips young people to use the internet safely. A study conducted by EU Kids Online (link to the study) shows that 33% of the children surveyed in Europe (11-16 years old) have made contact with strangers online, 14.5% have received sexual messages/videos, 9.5% have met an online contact in real life and 6.5% have been harassed online. The special feature of (Un)Click is that awareness and sensitisation is raised through peers: the trained young people then pass on to other young people the principles of healthy internet and network use. In this way, the project spreads organically.

ECPAT Belgium is a member of ECPAT International which is the only network exclusively dedicated to the fight against sexual exploitation of children worldwide.