Contributing to a better world

Communities around the world face multiple and complex challenges. Our role is to support and accompany them to make their living conditions as dignified as possible.

The John Cockerill Foundation focuses its action on supporting and accompanying local projects in line with the UN's sustainable development goals: reducing poverty and inequality, improving well-being, education and quality of life, access to vital and essential resources, etc.

The John Cockerill Foundation favours concrete actions with a sustainable impact and respect for the planet. Its actions are carried out through mixed sponsorship, i.e. a financial investment and in kind (skills, products, services, etc.).

An African proverb says that alone we go faster, together we go further. This small phrase alone sums up the essence of the principle of collective intelligence. The John Cockerill Foundation's ambition is to capture and channel all the positive energies in order to create new and innovative solutions to meet the needs of communities today and tomorrow.